September 02Written by   Daniel Taratorin

Modernize how you hire talent

Modernize how you hire talent

The talent war is waging stronger than ever today — big tech has the brand value to attract a large volume of candidates and is willing to pay more and more for the best people. The result is an uphill battle for smaller and growing companies, not only to attract the very best but to also do so with the limited resources they possess. This problem has existed for some time now, and most management and HR teams try to solve it by offloading the process to a recruiting organization.

Speak to the companies hiring, however, and you’ll find an increasingly higher dissatisfaction rate with recruiting firms: 1. They’re expensive — they charge a retainer on top of high success fee, usually 20-30% annual salary of the candidate placed. For a role paying $200,000 annual salary, a recruiter could charge up to $66,000 to place a candidate. 2. Non-technical — if you’ve ever tried hiring engineers using recruiters, this should hit home. Most recruiters are not proficient at screening a candidate’s technical ability, and rely on boolean searches to provide a poor workaround, often resulting in mismatching. 3. Poor matching — companies need candidates who fit into their culture and align with their sense of purpose. Present day recruiters are poor at determining culture fit, and often times are incentivized to send mismatched candidates.

All of these issues result in both time and money wasted. This is why Jordan was built.

With a turnaround time of 48 hours and a flat, success-based fee only, Jordan interacts with you the same way a recruiter does — so there’s no need to relearn how to work with one. Everything else is completely different. Jordan utilizes the power of large language models to find and screen more candidates than ever before.

Here’s what Jordan provides that traditional recruiters don’t: 1. Only pay if you hire — flat success fee only paid upon successful hire so you know exactly how much you’re paying. No more misaligned incentives, which means that we can send you candidates for free. Tech cost savings are passed directly to you. 2. Engineer screening — we are built by former tech founders, so we understand how hard it is to find great people and speak your language. No other recruitment agency has former FAANG engineers sourcing and vetting candidates in a tech enabled fashion. 3. Holistic candidate profile — Jordan’s candidate data ensures that only candidates with a high chance of hire are sent your way, within 48 hours. Reduce your time to hire down from months to a couple of weeks.

The future of recruiting uses AI to replace the repetitive labor, while still allowing longstanding professionals to use their experience to ensure that the right companies meet the right candidates.

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